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Go for Pro – Magical Esports

Gather the Magic

If you’re anything like myself, you’ve spent way too many hours (and dollars) in your youth on a little card game known as Magic: The Gathering. Now you’re older, and things probably haven’t changed much. Moving on from that, we all know that there’s always been a strong competitive scene that’s flourished for a number of years now and with the release of MTG: Arena, Wizards of the Coast have wasted no time in announcing a tournament where 5 million dollars will be dedicated to the MTG: Arena League alone!

The first tournament (with a 1 million dollar prize pool) will be held at PAX East in 2019. For more details, go have a look at their official website here:

Capcom Cup 2018 is upon us

In other news, this weekend will bring us Capcom Cup 2018! For those not in the know, the Capcom Cup is the final event of the Capcom Pro Tour where 32 of the best Street Fighter players will gather to compete for a massive prize pool.

The brackets are already out and you can see them right here:

Go for Pro – Magical Esports

If you want to watch the event, Capcom are (rightly) streaming it on two channels this year and they’re both here:



The Capcom Cup always brings a lot of surprises and a lot of hype, so don’t miss out!

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