The Hype Train Has Just Left The Station – PAX AUS 2019

The Hype Train Has Just Left The Station – PAX AUS 2019

*UPDATED* – Prices for Early Bird Tickets below. 

Dear lord time flies. It feels like only yesterday I was flying home after another wonderful PAX, tired, a little sick but smiling. But do you know what? Tickets for PAX AUS 2019 are on sale tomorrow at 1230pm (AEST). Crazy right? The big difference this year will be the slightly earlier show dates. Instead of the end of October, PAX AUS 2019 will be held on October 11 through to October 13, which should make accommodation cheaper for out-of-towners by moving it away from The Spring Carnival.

PAX AUS will once again be held in the Melbourne Convention Centre and will feature a tonne of exhibitors, both triple-A and Indie games, tabletop areas and just like last year there will be a partnership with EB Games so you can buy all of your games, loot and strange bobblehead things right on the showroom floor. Of course, a big drawcard is always the various panels, keynote speeches and performances and they will once again be apart of the show, stay tuned to P2 for more info on these as it appears.

So set your alarms for 1230 tomorrow and head here to buy your tickets. In the meantime, why not catch up on some of Player 2’s extensive coverage from last year by clicking the picture below. We are planning to go big with our PAX coverage once again in 2019.

*UPDATED* Early Bird Ticket Pricing. Single Day Pass for $65 and 3 Day Pass for $170. Regular pricing coming soon. 

From the PAX AUS Showroom Floor - Adam's Indie Wrap
Player 2’s 2018 PAX AUS Coverage

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