QRM and Powerhouse Announce Gayming

QRM and Powerhouse Announce Gayming

Longtime readers of Player 2 will know we are big fans of Queerly Represent Me and their work on making the gaming community a better place for everyone, especially those that identify as queer or transgender. So we are more than happy to let you all know about a big event they have planned in conjunction with the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Called Gayming, the event is the biggest of its kind in Australia and will focus on Queer creators and their creations. For a better breakdown this is from the event website:

“The biggest event of its kind in Australia, come play tabletop and digital games presented by an array of diverse queer creators. Chat with developers, listen to panels full of fun experts about personal games and the history of queer characters, and participate in all sorts of interactive experiences including short tabletop roleplaying games and designing your own characters.”

QRM and Powerhouse Announce Gayming

The event is on the 29th of June and it is free to attend, just make sure you head over to the website to RSVP. If you would like to present or speak at the event, you can sign up here:

If you are in town I strongly suggest heading over to check it out. It will be a great show for everyone and anything that promotes representation, equality and acceptance is something to be supported wholeheartedly.

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