Capcom At E3 2021

Capcom At E3 2021

Capcom only had a handful of games to show off during its relatively short conference, but they were all big un’s. 


Resident Evil Village

Owners of Resident Evil Village get free access to the upcoming multiplayer title, RE:VERSE, which will go live next month across all platforms.


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Building up the upcoming July 9th release, a big story hit trailer was dropped. It looks suitably JRPG in all the best ways. For those not in the know, the Stories spin-off is very much “what if Pokemon but Monster Hunter”. Also, “Monsties”. Hell yes.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 will also be getting a slate of free updates, including crossover content from Monster Hunter Rise. A trial version of the game will be dropped on the 25th June, with saves being able to be transferred across to the main game. 3x sweet looking Amiibo will be heading our way, including a Rzewing Ratha figure.


Monster Hunter Rise

The crossovers don’t just work one way, with RIse getting Stories DLC alongside the release of its new spin-off cousin. Version 3.1 will also be launching, adding a bunch of new cosmetic content as well as seasonal side quests. Available June 24th.


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

2x previously Japan-only Ace Attorney games will be heading west as a part of this sweet collection. Ten new cases and eight mini escapades are added as additional content for this collection. Out on the 27th July.

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