Dark Deity Now Available on Steam

Dark Deity Now Available on Steam

What would E3 be without a sneaky game drop or three during the week?  Dark Deity, from developers Sword and Axe, is the latest game to drop during E3 and if you are a fan of turn-based tactical RPG’s then this game could be right up your alley.

Promising 50 unlockable classes and character perma-death those that crave a challenge will be salivating at the chance to mix up the combinations and discover the strengths and weaknesses of units.  For those who aren’t quite as hardcore, the game also has a Grave Wounds system, that will allow units to recover a handful of times before finally succumbing to the inevitability of death.  Just how that works I am not sure but at least you will not lose a loved character from a simple mistake.

Emulating the classics of the 2000s, Dark Deity combines anime-styled cutscenes with combat pixel art over 28 chapters, giving players plenty of challenges to face as they strive to bring their characters home from what was thrust upon them.

Dark Deity is available now on Steam and could be just what you need to fill the hole in your heart until the next Fire Emblem game comes out.

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