A Deeper Look At Freedom Games

A Deeper Look At Freedom Games

I am going to start this with the first analogy that comes to mind. You know how there are just some restaurants that do the classics reeeeeally right? Like a perfect cheeseburger, or an impeccable pepperoni pizza? That is the feeling that I am getting from the huge selection of games coming from publisher Freedom Games.

The games that especially stand out for me are Dreamscaper (where I am getting small Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver vibes), Dark Deity (a strategy RPG along the lines of Fire Emblem), and Coromon (where you capture and tame monsters and pit them against other trainers).

But the one I am especially interested in is One Lonely Outpost, a farming simulator (like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley) set on an alien world, with hints towards a greater mystery about the world we are settling on.

But in all honesty, the whole lineup looks phenomenal, with seemingly a classic flavour for every taste. Full press release below.

Freedom Games unveiled the indie publishing label’s upcoming catalog at E3 2021. The showcase spotlighted anticipated releases from the publisher, including Dreamscaper, To The Rescue!, One Lonely Outpost, Anuchard, and more.

Dreamscaper, the surreal rogue-lite action RPG from Afterburner Studios, has set its alarm to awaken from Early Access on both PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, 10 Aug. 2021. The 1.0 release will feature new difficulty settings, bosses, environments, enemies, endings, music, and more. Dark Deity, the classically inspired turn-based tactical RPG from Sword and Axe, also teased a special announcement for tomorrow during E3…

Tame eclectic creatures and battle against trainers in Coromon, the modern monster-taming RPG from TRAGsoft, capturing PC and Nintendo Switch fans’ hearts in Q1 2022. Then voyage to a distant planet to sow a frontier farm in Aurorian StudiosOne Lonely Outpost, sprouting up on Steam Early Access in Q1 2021 ahead of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S launches. 

Meanwhile, pet-lovers can look forward to Cat Cafe Manager, a charming sim from Roost Games about restoring a family’s feline-focused bistro, as well as To The Rescue!, the heartfelt dog shelter management sim from Little Rock Games, who have partnered with The Petfinder Foundation to donate 20% of their profits support the adoption of furry companions. Both Cat Cafe Manager and To The Rescue! arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch in early 2022 and Q3 2021, respectively.

Adventure through a mysterious underground dungeon and rebuild the community that lives on the surface in Ancuchard, the civilization restoration action RPG from stellarNull. Developed in partnership with Microsoft through the Xbox Diversity Fund, Anuchard arrives on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S systems in Q1 2022. 

Freedom Games also revealed upcoming console versions of Airborne Kingdom, the acclaimed city-builder set in the sky from The Wandering Band later in 2021. Monster Outbreak, a retro-inspired 2D tower defense survival game from developer GameMunchers, also received its first public gameplay reveal, in addition to announcing a 2022 launch window for PC.

In keeping with the spirit of fun-first, inventive games, Microwave Games’ deadly game show racing platformer Slaughter League highlighted outlandish gladiatorial gameplay from recent content creator community events. Freedom Games also shared the news that Tower Rush and Sands of Aura are planned to storm PC via Steam in 2022.

“Freedom Games is thrilled to share an exciting rundown full of reveals, first-look videos, and updates on our upcoming titles,” said Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing, Freedom Games. “Our first E3 showcase is just the beginning, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to share our future plans with digital audiences!”

To learn more about Freedom Games and the publisher’s upcoming suite of games, please visit the official website and follow @freedomgamesgg on Twitter.

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