Smaller E3 Presentations Worth Checking Out

Smaller E3 Presentations Worth Checking Out

E3 was MASSIVE this year, with a whole bunch of side presentations that likely flew under your radar. Here’s a roundup of a few great, or at least interesting, presentations worth checking out.

Future of Play Show

This 17-minute presentation is hard to summarize in a dot point form, but it is well and truly worth watching in its entirety. Showcasing such bangers as Umurangi Generation’s new Switch release and Sephonie, a 3D platformer from creators of the Anodyne series. The show feels appropriately punk and futuristic, defying the current status quo in some way.

Intellivision Presentation

I… have a bit of morbid curiosity when it comes to this upcoming console release. Who is it for? What’s going to be the “killer app(s)”? What in the world is the deal with that hefty price tag?? This ten-minute presentation breaks down the mystique of the console at least a little, and while I’m not convinced it’s going to sell to anyone except old rich people with nostalgia for the brand, it’s still just… curious.

Freedom Games

Showcasing a few out of the box indie games like Dreamscaper and Airborne Kingdom. With some chats from the creators of their games talking about making the jump into indie games, the 14-minute showcase comes from the angle of people looking to explore the “freedom” of indie development. One particular standout is Coromon, which looks like it brings all the coolest things of the old school pokemon games, while also playing to the ways Pokemon has expanded in the community – difficulty options, playing to things like Nuzloche runs etc. Super keen for its Q1 2022 release.

Limited Run Games

Their half hour presentations are always pretty goofy, but if physical games are your jam, LRG have a bunch of releases coming up of some both big and niche titles. Ever since they went to the open preorder model, things have been much better in being able to snag the games you’re after. Personally, Haven is a game I’m quite looking forward to nabbing.

There you have it folks, E3 2021. What a ride huh? It’s been absolutely jam-packed, so be sure to check out our Season of Games 2021 page for a breakdown of the show that has been (and will continue to be!) E3.

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