OlliOlli World Continues to Impress at E3

OlliOlli World Continues to Impress at E3

The original OlliOlli was one of those games that came out like a bolt of lightning, hitting just at the right time. And on the perfect console: the Playstation Vita. I spent countless hours on this addictive 2D skateboarding game doing flips and falling flat on my face. It was glorious.

OlliOlliWorld looks amazing. Adding new, colourful characters and a world ripe for grinding to an already solid foundation of quality skateboarding action seems like a winning formula to me. And if the previous games were any indication, the soundtrack is also going to be *chef kisses fingers* 😚👌MUAH!

Just take a look at the new trailer released for E3 and marvel at this game along with me. Full press release below.

Private Division and Roll7 revealed a rad new trailer for OlliOlli World, the upcoming action-platforming skateboarding game, which will launch digitally this winter for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, and PC.

In this new video, the charismatic BB Hopper is your one-of-a-kind tour guide, as he presents some of the wonderful sights and vibrant sounds of Radlandia. Your gorgeous (and incredibly successful) amphibian host introduces a few of the delightful characters you’ll meet, alongside the miles of intricate tracks that are ready for players to skate, jump and grind across, as they travel through bustling cities, vast deserts, mysterious forests, and lush mountain trails.

So go grab your board, because with your incredible skating skills and BB Hopper’s connections, there is nothing that can’t be achieved when you take a trip to Radlandia this winter!

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