Devolver MaxPass+ Showcase

Devolver MaxPass+ Showcase

Look, if you don’t know by now that the best thing at E3 every year is Devolver Digital’s show, then I am not sure there is any hope for you. You should really just go and watch the whole thing, then go back and rewatch the previous shows just for good measure.

Ok, so you don’t want to watch Nina Struthers eat hotdogs and sell free services with premium purchases and you just want to watch the game trailers. Well, we have you covered.

Shadow Warrior 3

Lo Wang is my man. Just the right amount of dick jokes to go with the blood, guts and lightning-fast gameplay. That looks to be continuing in Shadow Warrior 3 if the latest trailer is anything to go by.

Trek To Yomi

While we didn’t see much gameplay, there is a very strong sense of style to this ancient Japanese sidescroller. Comparisons with Ghosts of Tsushima are going to be unavoidable, despite the gameplay being completely different. It will be very interesting to see how this goes, but for now, just revel in the stunning style on offer.

Wizard of Gun

Think Jawas. Now think Jawas with guns and magic in a twin-stick shooter. Craziness abounds in this online sandbox game with friends. It gave me a little bit of those Magicka feels, which is a good thing.


This is something of a cross between Hand of Fate and a horror title. Super creepy card based shenanigans. I know card games seem all the rage right now, but this one looks to be something a bit different from the norm.

Death’s Door

Possibly the game of the show, Deaths Door evokes a strong 16-bit Zelda style of gameplay and it looks stunning. It is also an Xbox console exclusive so expect to maybe see a bit more of it later in the Xbox conference.

Phantom Abyss

The best way to describe this is an FPS asynchronous Indiana Jones simulator. Run through trap infested ruins and get the treasure while following the ghosts of travellers who have attempted to do so in the past. It is a very cool idea and if it can hold up over a full game, should be another unique winner for Devolver.

Devovler Tumble Time

I can’t work out if this is a pisstake or not… watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Demon Throttle

This is possibly the craziest thing yet. It is only coming as a physical edition. No download versions will exist. Super odd. The game looks like a fairly simple 8-bit SHUMP, but the limited nature of the game will sure to keep it in people’s minds for years to come.

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