ESO Gets Sexy Khajiit, Angonians and Dragons on Console

ESO Gets Sexy Khajiit, Angonians and Dragons on Console

Look, I might seem like a big shill for ESO at times, but you can’t help but talk up things you love. Its ability to create entertaining adventuring for traditional MMO fans along with those of us who tend towards the anti-social side of things is something I admire and enjoy deeply. Well now there is another reason to get on board, especially for those looking to play on console.

Today ESO Console edition received quite the hefty free update to bring the game into the PS5/Series era. Like many games, it will have two modes. A performance mode that runs 60fps or a fidelity mode that runs at 4K 30fps (Series S is 1440p 30fps). Additionally, there is an increased draw distance, much faster loading times and enhanced textures and antialiasing. From what I can tell, these upgrades bring the game up to pretty much the same level of graphical fidelity as the PC versions.

If you haven’t played ESO before, then it is important to know two things:

  • It is a game that levels with you, no matter where you start, which region you start in or how casual you like to take things, you will never be out of your depth.
  • It is on Gamepass on Xbox so if you have a subscription it costs nothing to try.

So what are you waiting for? Great adventuring with prettier graphics awaits.


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