The Player 2 PixelCast 074

The Player 2 PixelCast 074

And just like that, the year is almost over. It’s been a wild ride, at once too fast, yet also far too long. For our last (regular) episode of the PixelCast for 2021, then, Ken has decided that we should take a look back at what has been the sequel to 2020: a year at once more hopeful, but then, somehow, probably even worse? A pretty bad sequel by any standards, even considering what it was coming on from. We give 2021 a total of half a star, and it only gets that because of all those Activision staff that have started walking out.

We do talk games, of course, but this episode does come off the rails at times. And who can blame it? With all the billionaires hoarding way too much wealth, there’s no money left to maintain the rains with. Infrastructure be damned! Let Elon have his stupid tunnel because who needs trains anyway! Somehow, even with Tim and Steve also on board, nobody mentioned the actually pretty good You are Jeff Bezos game.

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Games: Miles Morales, Resident Evil: Village, Bright Memory: Infinite

Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc

Break Music:  Merry Little Christmas by Dale North


Tim Henderson

Stephen del Prado

Ken Lee

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