The Player 2 PixelCast 089

The Player 2 PixelCast 089

It would be nice if the potholes in the road were to start to fill in soon. Player 2 members are just falling like (very handsome and/or beautiful, obviously) flies at the moment! As such, we’ve ended up with another two man show. At least we had Hewso’s veteran leadership to get us through, although his regular microphone also decided that the night of recording would be a fantastic time to die, so who knows if we’ve done something to get ourselves cursed. It does seem a fitting, err, fit for this year’s game release lineup.

Joined by Steve, Hewso takes a look back at the year so far and notices what a lot of us have kind of suspected already: 2022 has been hella strange, y’all! To be fair, it did come roaring out of the gate with Arceus, Dying Light 2, Horizon, Elden Ring and Gran Turismo. And then GT went and suffered from some (self-inflicted) online woes, which was perhaps the beginning of a domino effect of much of the year kind to tripping over itself. Even Gollum went and got itself delayed just after we were done recording!

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Games: Horizon: Forbidden WestAs Dusk Falls

Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams by Mathieu Stempell Dma-Sc

Break Music:  Totally Rad Winter by Sir_NutS


Matt Hewson

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