Just Cause 3 gets Explosive

If stunning graphics and superb open world chaos is your thing then no doubt you have experienced the madness that is the Just Cause franchise. Well there is good news for you explosion lovers because Just Cause 3 is gliding into a release in 2015.

Once again Rico Rodriguez is out to stop an evil dictator, this time in the fictional Mediterranean country of Medici. Developers Avalanche Studios promise players over 400 virtual square miles to cause creative carnage in as they take down the nefarious General Di Ravello.

Last night Square Enix released the first trailer for Just Cause 3 aptly titled Firestarter and it is enough to get fans of the series salivating for more. While the trailer doesn’t appear to include any in game action it does serve to remind everyone that Just Cause is about chaos, beautiful never ending chaos. The best part of the trailer is however in the last few frames where the words “Coming Holidays 2015” appear. So it looks like it will be a parachuting, grappling, water tower breaking, car crashing Christmas for fans everywhere.

Check out the trailer and some more of the breathtaking screenshots below.

image_just_cause_3-27177-3114_0001 edf915add00078830e1b81d84aa6f3d9338be298 174860521772.631.a3d5122c7b91b196de3eb8f3ff944414

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