Getting Twitchy – Tower of Revolution Kombat

Getting Twitchy – Tower of Revolution Kombat

It is that time of week again. The time where we need you to tell us what to play. As always you have 3 choices, 2 new and one old, that you can vote from.

First up we have our classic entry and we thought it was appropriate considering recent announcements. The stealth/action/rpg combination of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Second on the list is the new bullet hell FPS Tower of Guns. Fans of Serious Sam should check this one out.


Finally one of the biggest releases of the year. The bone crunching, gore splattered fighting action of Mortal Kombat X.


So pick a game you would like to see us play, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below and then join in at 9pm AEST Wedsneday to join the fun on our Twitch Channel. 

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