Where is JC Denton?

Where is JC Denton?

Ask long time PC gamers what the best game ever is and there is every chance they will say Deus Ex. The game defined the term “freedom of choice” in gaming and it’s open ended approach along with RPG stylings earned it wide praise from everyone that played it. After a solid but largely underwhelming sequel, Invisible War, Dues Ex went into a long term hiatus. That was until in 2011 Human Revolution was released.

Human Revolution once again brought the name of Deus Ex to the forfront of gaming and while it did have a few niggles (those boss battles) it was widely regarded as a brilliant return to form. So it is no surprise that Edios has Deus Ex game was in the works and as of today we finally have some concrete information about it.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be the new title and the game will once again follow the exploits of Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Human Revolution, as he seeks his goals in a world up-in-arms about cybernetic enchancements. The game will again be set before the events of the original Deus Ex, so unfortunatly for long time fans this means no JC Denton. Not much else is known about the game at this stage except the fact the game will once again feature a heavy focus on player choice. How the game continues on from the four endings in Human Revolution will be interesting to see play out.

There is no release date for Mankind Divided yet but for many long time fans this game just went to the top of their most wanted lists. Check out some screen shots below and prepare yourself for more Deus Ex.

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