Dirty Bomb opens its doors

Dirty Bomb opens its doors

Dirty Bomb, the new team based TF2 style shooter from Nexon and Splash Damage, is moving into open beta on the 2nd of June. The game is claiming that it is the toughest Team FPS available with no controller support or aim assist just pure reflex based twitch shooting.

We had a look at Dirty Bomb a little while ago and thought that it certainly has the potential to be a great team based game. It certainly feels more like the shooters of old, ala Quake 3, than something that has been seen in more recent years. The game is free to play and quite generous with what is available without spending a cent so it is certainly worth a a download if team based shooters are your thing. Check out the gameplay trailer below or read our write up for more information if you are still unsure.

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