Player 2 Plays – Dead Space 3

Player 2 Plays – Dead Space 3

I think it is fair to say that all of us were a little shocked by Visceral’s closure during the week. It is a damn shame that this talented studio had to shut because of what seems to be EA once again putting profit first and everything else second. To mark this sad occasion Matt went and installed Dead Space 3, the last game in the venerable action/horror series, for the first time. Join him as he feels his way around the early parts of what is likely to be the final Dead Space game ever.

Stay tuned for more “Player 2 Plays” next week and if you have any suggestions for what the Player 2 crew should play, don’t be shy and let us know! Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more great original content and every new game trailer we can get our hands on.


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