The Treasure Hunters FanClub Brings Indie Loving

The Treasure Hunters FanClub Brings Indie Loving

In awesome, indie-dev loving news, Surprise Attack have unveiled a new program called ‘The Treasure Hunters FanClub’, one that is designed to help financially support independent developers to make their dreams into a reality.

The Treasure Hunters FanClub (THFC) brings together a group of industry figures (the FanClub) that want to invest in remarkable and unique games from indie developers (the Treasure Hunters). Deals from THFC combine indie-friendly funding terms, mentorship from experienced members of the industry and go to market support via a publishing deal with Surprise Attack Games. Lead by Chris Wright, a former senior marketer at THQ before founding Surprise Attack, and accompanied by Morgan Jaffit (Defiant Development), Andy Moore (Radial Games), Andy Sum (Hipster Whale), Alex Preston (Heart Machine), Robert Bowling (Bowling Haus Ventures) and Scott Reismanis (dBolical), the team certainly boasts some impressive talent.

The Treasure Hunters FanClub Brings Indie Loving

The primary goal of the THFC is to provide independent developers an alternative pathway to the options currently available to them and to work collaboratively with those developers to resolve the issues that typically cause confrontation between developers and investors. If you would like to learn more then be sure to visit the THFC website

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