The Most Anticipated Strategy Games for 2018

We are back for another year of Player 2 and what better way to start 2018 than to look ahead at what will be gracing our consoles and PC’s in the coming 12 months. With this in mind Player 2 Editor, Matt Hewson has put together a list of anticipated titles for each major genre of game, sticking with games that are likely to get released this year. It is now time for the spotlight to fall on the Strategy Genre.

The Most Anticipated Strategy Games for 2018

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall 

Is it cheating to include an expansion in a list like this? When it comes to the case of a Firaxis game I say no. Firaxis has a wonderful reputation for releasing some of the most meaningful and game-changing expansions in the business and I expect nothing less from Rise and Fall. Along with a whole host of gameplay tweaks, Rise and Fall is bringing new ages, new factions, new allies and new emergency situations that are sure to shake up the classic gameplay from Civ VI. I honestly don’t have time to lose another 200 hours to Civ VI but there is every chance I will when Rise and Fall is released on the 8th of Feb

Jurassic World Evolution

The world’s most famous fictional theme park is finally getting its own theme park simulator. Come on, every Sim fan has wanted the chance to run their own version of Jurassic Park and now thanks to the Frontier, the legends behind Roller Coaster Tycoon and PlanetCoaster, we can. There isn’t too much known about the game at this point but expect excellent sim gameplay based on the developer’s track record. Expect this one to hit in the middle of the year so you have about 6 months to get ready for the inevitable T-rex break out and mass slaughter of all your guests.

Tropico 6

The return of my favourite megalomaniacal dictator has been confirmed. Yes folks, Tropico is coming back for a 6th entry and is promising a host of new features that will allow you to live our your Banana Republic Despot Dreams. Multiple islands, new diplomacy options, a refined engine and a host other comical additions ensure that Tropico 6 will maintain it’s own unique spot on the gaming landscape once it is released. I think we will see this one around May-July which is too long to wait in my books. Viva El Presidente!


Hexagonal turn-based strategy from the developers of the recent Shadowrun games. Sounds good right? Well, what if I told the game features whopping big mechs of death as well? Yes, Hairbrained Studios is bringing the tactical mech combat back to PC’s everywhere with Battletech. This one is looking to be a seriously high-quality product and one that fans of mechs and turn-based strategy will not want to miss. With only a 2018 release date to go off I think this one will slip into the back half of the year, but from all reports, it will be well worth the wait.

Surviving Mars

Tropico developers Haemimont Games have another new strategy game coming out next year and this one is going to feature quite a different setting than the Caribbean in the 60’s. Surviving Mars will see players take control of a fledgling Martian colony, leaving them to take over and get the planet ready for human habitation. The game looks to have all of the hallmarks of a great sim management game and if Haemimont can keep some of that humour and originality from the Tropico franchise they should be on their way to another winner. Expect this on PC in the second half of the year.

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