Super Daryl is here to Rescue High School

Super Daryl is here to Rescue High School

Over my years I have seen some weird games cross my path. Stuff that just doesn’t make any sense, yet when put into a video game comes together into an enjoyable experience. The crazy combines with a clear vision and as a result, a unique, entertaining game is born. From what I have seen, I think Super Daryl Deluxe may fall squarely into that category because it has weird in spades.

Super Daryl Deluxe is being called an RPGvania, which may be a bad marketing term but does well to explain what sort of game this is. It tells the tale of Daryl, unpopular, mullet-sporting high schooler as he attempts to discover what is happening when students start disappearing from the school. The real catch here is the amazing hand-drawn artwork, which is both striking and unique. Super Daryl was created by Dan & Gary games, a two-man team consisting of one artist and one programmer and to think this is what the come up with, well that is mighty impressive.

So please, do yourself a favour and check out the two trailers, the put a really good case forward as to why this has the potential to be an indie hit. Well, a weird indie hit, but a hit all the same. The game is hitting Switch, PS4 and PC on the 10th of April and you can bet Player 2 will be doing everything they can to get a review done, Super Daryl deserves nothing less.

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