Trails of Cold Steel III Gets Australian Release Date

Trails of Cold Steel III Gets Australian Release Date


Following the successful launch of Trails of Cold Steel I II in remastered form for PlayStation 4, Western publisher NISA have finally announced the Australian release date for the long-awaited follow up, aptly titled Trails of Cold Steel III. The first game in the series to be developed natively for the PS4, an English language release of Trails of Cold Steel III has been hotly anticipated by fans since its Japanese debut in 2017.

TOCS3 Battle

Australians can look forward to picking up a physical copy of ToCS3 on October 4 from local retailers EB Games or JB Hi-Fi, while those who prefer to purchase digitally can do so through the Australian PSN Store closer to launch. This is a welcome change from both Trails of Cold Steel I & II which could not be purchased physically in Australia. To cap things off, those who pre-order will secure a copy of the ‘Early Enrolment Edition’ which features an art book, reversible cover and a soundtrack sampler.

Early Edition Contents

I’m currently making my way through the remastered Trails of Cold Steel II on PS4 courtesy of European Publisher Marvelous and hope to have a review up on Player 2 in the near future – rushing a story-rich JRPG isn’t exactly my idea of fun.  Besides, immersing oneself in the world of Trails is par for the course given the level of character building and detail developer Falcom manages to fit into each entry.

With just under four months until the release of Trails of Cold Steel III, now is the perfect time for anyone who has been on the fence to give the PS4 remasters of the first two games a try. While you’re here, why not read the Player2 review of Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 to help speed along the decision making process?

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