Civilization VI – Review

Civilization VI – Review



* The following diary entries were recently discovered, buried in a cave near various religious artifacts. Lab tests are yet to confirm its authenticity but the information that the entries reveal could potentially change our knowledge of history forever. The entries have been translated into English and the dates have been estimated using carbon dating but otherwise, the text remains unedited.

Unknown Date

They say history repeats itself. That we are just on a wheel with each event coming around again at some point in the future. I have heard of the past Civilizations that inhabited this world but their time on the wheel has moved on and it is now my turn to guide my people throughout the ages. As much as I can take lessons from those that came before me, things are different enough that I am forced to forge my own way and point my flock in the direction I choose. I am yet to determine what my people will strive towards. They may be best suited to commerce, pursuing cultural awareness or embracing religion. The path of technological advancement may be best or there is a possibility that martial domination is the correct choice. Only time will tell what will suit their needs and it is my job to guide them towards success in that field.

Civilization VI - Review

2000 BC

I have encouraged my people to settle in a wonderfully scenic area. To say it is beautiful would be an understatement, surely this world looks better than it ever has. But I have to be honest, my choice of location was not for the wonderful views but for its strategic importance. The surrounding countryside was awash with valuable resources, lush farmland and it was protected from invasion by a nearby mountain range.

Setting up my capital city was my priority and with the help of my faithful, if expensive, builders I was quickly able to improve the surrounding region and increase the flow of resources to my citizens. From what I studied, past Civilizations were unable to do this and that surprises me. It seems to me a logical way to do things and provides me with a more adaptable plan of improvement.

I have also encouraged my people to form a small army for their defence. It seems the region is plagued with roaming bands of barbarians. They are little more than an annoyance but they do have a nasty habit of destroying farms if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. I must get a group of troops together to hunt down their home camp and wipe them from the earth soon.

Civilization VI - Review

1000 BC

My Civilization has grown significantly. Our borders have expanded and I have founded two new cities. In the process of exploring the surrounding area my people have encountered other Civilizations also growing and expanding. At the moment we are peaceful neighbors and we have set up some trade routes to our mutual benefit. My traders, the resourceful bunch that they are, have even built a road network between our cities and our neighbours. At this present time our relationship is cordial and respectful but I can’t help but feel there may be trouble in the future. My traders have reported back to me that there has been a significant increase in the size of the armies in these regions and prudence suggests that I look to bolster my defences just in case.

I have also spent quite a significant period of time determining what course my people will take in their future. I have managed to implement a system of government that focuses on commercial trade. This has allowed me to increase my income but it has welcomed foreigners and their strange religions into my midst. To counter this incursion, I founded my own religion and I am pleased to say that the Church of Earth Care is spreading throughout my realm. Its focus on caring for the environment helps to replace my guilt for destroying so much with my many mines and logging camps.

I am also pleased to note that my citizens have been improving both culturally and technologically at a great rate. My studies of previous Civilizations seems to indicate that these two philosophies were mutually exclusive but I am pleased so say my people have found a way to improve both at the same time. This has given me the advantage of an increased area of influence in the region while still making technical and scientific leaps that improve the lives of my citizens.

Civilization VI - Review

100 AD

There have been some troubled times recently. The aggressive nature of my neighbours came to light and despite my people’s cultural and scientific superiority, I had been regrettably lax in my military preparations. The ensuing war was brutal and bloody with one of my cities being destroyed and another occupied. I was forced to offer quite a substantial amount of gold and luxurious items to the warmonger that was once my trading partner to get him to stop his attacks. It was at this point my way forward became clear to me. My peaceful intentions were like ashes in the wind and I began my path towards a military domination of the entire globe.

Civilization VI - Review

1000 AD

I have made great strides towards creating the greatest army this world has ever seen. My system of government has evolved over the years to include benefits for military matters and my research focus has been almost exclusively on martial advancement. Sure my people have had to make some sacrifices, cultural pursuits such as the theatre for example, are no longer available to them, but their short-lived pain will enable the greatest Civilization on the planet to reach its place as the world’s rightful ruler.

I have created a Navy and Army that is constantly improving its self. When one group of fighters becomes obsolete due to a technological advancement I quickly retrain them to use the new equipment. This takes a huge amount of gold however so I was forced to invade a nearby City-State and claim their resources as my own. It was the first of my military victories but in the grand scheme of things it may also be the most important.

Civilization VI - Review

1800 AD

It appears that my course of world domination by force of arms has been the correct choice. I have so far wiped out three other Civilizations, annexing their cities and forcing their citizens into my glorious empire. I gained a huge advantage over my opposition when my scientists discovered the secret of flight. It gave me an unmatched tactical superiority and cities gradually fell to my bombers while my crack infantry and advanced navy mopped up the remaining forces. I must admit I am finding it hard at times to determine what is going on during battle, especially with so many units on the field. Thankfully I got my engineers to work out a way that multiple units could work together and create armies. This has also increased my effectiveness in battle with my armies easily accounting for enemy units that escaped my bombing runs.

These annexed cities became a huge drain on my resources however and I was forced to repair the damage my bombers did lest the citizens rise up and rebel against my benevolent rule. At this point in time, it is little more than an irritant but I must act with purpose otherwise the fires of rebellion may spread quickly.

Civilization VI - Review

2010 AD

It appears that I was not in fact destined to rule. My sole focus on military matters led to the neglect of my citizens. Rebels abound, resources are short and my army is deserting me in hordes. To add to my woes my spies tell me another Civilization has discovered the secret of a city-leveling device they call a nuclear bomb. I fear it is only a matter of time before my beloved cities, people and culture are wiped from the planet. But let it be known I will not leave this world without a fight, so I have made some changes to my society and in doing so I hope to discover the secrets of space flight. This will, with luck and determination,  allow the discovery of a new home for my people, away from this damaged and frail world.

Civilization VI - Review

2100 AD

My efforts to save my people were not in vain. I managed to guide my people into discovering a new world to colonise. I can’t say it was easy but despite the many challenges we faced I am happy to say my Civilization will live on. I however, will not be joining my people but will perish here on this land. I will once again await my turn on the wheel and use the knowledge I have learned to push a new Civilization forward. This is my role and I want all those that read this diary to know that I, Mohandas Gandhi, ensured the survival of my people and as a leader that is all I could ever ask for.

Civilization VI - Review

Matt Hewson

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