Competition – Halo: The Fall of Reach

Competition – Halo: The Fall of Reach

Ever wondered how the Master Chief came to be? How did he become the Spartan Super Soldier we know and love? Well now you can find out with Halo: The Fall of Reach.

“Relive the origin of the legendary Master Chief and the Spartan program in this animated adaption of one of Halo’s most beloved stories. Kidnapped as children and conscripted into a brutal military training and augmentation program, the Spartans were designed to be the ultimate weapon against chaos and insurgency – but when a dangerous alien alliance known as the Covenant declares war on humanity, the Spartans may be our only hope.”

The story, based on Eric Nylund’s excellent novel has been brought to life in an animated movie that is coming to DVD and Blu Ray on December 2 and we have 5 copies to give away to our readers. There are three ways to enter and you can enter three times!

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter (As always existing subscribers are automatically entered)
  2. Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #P2AUHalo in a tweet telling about your favourite Halo Moment.
  3. Like us on Facebook and use the hashtag #P2AUHalo in a post on our page telling us about your favourite Halo moment.

That’s all you need to do to enter. Please note that the competition is open to Australian residents only. Sorry rest of the world readers, we will have more competitions for you soon.

Competition will be drawn on the 14th of December and winners will be notified Via email/Facebook/Twitter (depending on how they entered). You can enter once per entry method.

So get to entering people and win a great movie. In the meantime check out the trailer and promo shots below.

Competition - Halo: The Fall of ReachCompetition - Halo: The Fall of ReachCompetition - Halo: The Fall of ReachCompetition - Halo: The Fall of ReachCompetition - Halo: The Fall of Reach


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