News Bites – Monday the Eighth of February

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces.

News Bites – Monday the Eighth of February

– Trackmania Turbo, the latest in the long running puzzle racing series (and the first to make it to console) has a release date. Racers will be able to strap in and rev up on the 24th of March. The game will feature all the things the series is famous for, pickup and play controls, fiendish puzzles, white knuckle racing and a fully featured track builder. It is basically the closest things to a STUNTS (yeah I know….old) sequel you will ever see. Check out the trailer below if you aren’t sold yet.

– With Uncharted 4 hitting store shelves on the 27th of April, Sony have decided to celebrate with a very sexy custom PS4 Console bundle. Perfect for Drake’s biggest fans this console is sure to be a big hit at retail so you might want to pre-order if this is your thing.

News Bites - Monday the Eighth of February

– Bethesda and ID Software have finally given Doom a release date. The 13th of May is the day that Hell’s minions once again invade our dimension. ID have also released a new campaign trailer which shows of the brutal gameplay players can expect as well as featuring some nods to the classic Doom titles. It will be very interesting to see how this Doom preforms as it has been quite some time since ID software has had a bona-fide hit on their hands.

– Those waiting for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst might want to head over to the official website. The reason being is that there is going to be a closed beta ahead of launch for the highly anticipated title. The beta will be running on The Xbox One, PS4 or PC so most people should have a shot at getting to play the game before launch. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be out on the 24th of May and you can also check out a sweet new trailer below.


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