Getting Twitchy – Death by Bloodborne

Getting Twitchy – Death by Bloodborne

This week’s Twitch stream has the potential to be something special…. or a tragedy on a grand scale. Our illustrious editor Matt Hewson has been quite vocal about the fact that the Souls/Bloodborne games are not for him and that he doesn’t like what they do to him. Well, we have convinced him to give it another crack and what’s more we have convinced him he should stream it.

So join us tonight to watch Matt swear his way through the opening of Bloodborne. There will be laughter (from those watching), there will be tears (from Matt) and there will likely be some explosive language (so keep those muffs handy). It should be an interesting cast, to say the least.

Oh, and Matt has asked that the cast be given an R rating, simply to cover his bases. So here is the warning. This Twitch Stream may contain High-Level Corse Language and High-Level Violence against inanimate objects. This is not suitable for children or those who find a grown man reduced to tears upsetting.

So join in the fun at 8:30pm AEST this evening on the Player 2 twitch stream and watch as Matt is reduced to a puddle of pathetic sobbing.

*Update* The full replay is now below. Enjoy


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