RTX Returns to Australia

RTX Returns to Australia

After a killer first show in January this year, RTX will be back to host a new convention in 2017. Landing on February 4, RTX Australia 2017 will be the first show at Sydney’s brand new international convention centre. The show is expected to be quite a bit larger than the first, with up to 50% growth anticipated so people are encouraged to get their tickets ASAP.

The first RTX Australia was a huge success and the Rooster Teeth crew have big plans for the future of the event. “When we launched RTX Australia earlier this year we were thrilled with the turnout and response,” said Gus Sorola, Rooster Teeth co-founder and executive producer. “TheRTX brand historically has experienced exponential growth year over year, and we anticipate over 50% growth in 2017. After wetting our feet in the Australian market in January, we’re ready to do more of everything in 2017: more celebrity guests, more first plays of hot new games, and more surprises to delight our fans.”

Tickets go on sale on the 7th of July via Moshtix. Check out the list of confirmed guests below.

RTX Returns to Australia
Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Tim Gettys are coming to Australia for the next RTX convention.

Announced guests

  • Burnie Burns – Rooster Teeth
  • Gus Sorola – Rooster Teeth
  • Greg Miller – Kinda Funny
  • Tim Gettys – Kinda Funny
  • Jack Pattillo – Achievement Hunter
  • Bruce Greene – Funhaus
  • James Willems – Funhaus
  • Kerry Shawcross – Rooster Teeth
  • Miles Luna – Rooster Teeth
  • Blaine Gibson – Rooster Teeth
  • Josh Flanagan – Rooster Teeth


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