Prey Creeps Out Quakecon

Prey Creeps Out Quakecon

With Quakecon currently keeping Bethesda and ID software fans happy over in the USA there was bound to be some more news about Arkane’s new take on the Prey franchise slip out. Well, there was more than a slip, with Bethesda releasing the first gameplay trailer for the mysterious franchise reboot.

The trailer starts in a similar place to the E3 trailer with the title character Morgan experiencing his creepy groundhog day scenario. After that however, the game kicks into action and it appears to have a very Bioshock vibe. All in all this new footage has only increased my curiosity for this title and I am starting to think this may be worth keeping an eye on.

Check out the full trailer below and sound off in the comments if you are keen to see how this one turns out or do you think the franchise was better off dead?


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