Ubisoft and Renault Bring VR to the Open Road

Ubisoft and Renault Bring VR to the Open Road

Ubisoft and Renault Bring VR to the Open Road

In this weeks edition of cool, yet slightly disturbing news, Ubisoft has revealed a brand new virtual reality experience that has been designed specifically for well-known car company Renault’s, autonomous vehicle. As part of a partnership with the automobile’s SYMBIOZ Demo Car project, the experience integrates navigation data in real time to make test driving the car a unique and immersive experience.

Deborah Papiernik, Senior VP of New Business at Ubisoft said, “This project is an opportunity to take up a thrilling technical and creative challenge. It is always enriching for Ubisoft to collaborate with international leaders to explore different and innovative playgrounds. Our partnership with Groupe Renault clearly illustrates the video game industry’s contribution goes beyond entertainment.”

The VR experience was showcased on a section of highway north of Paris where the SYMBIOZ demo vehicle was tested in real life conditions. By immersing oneself in VR, the user is able to switch their mind off whilst the car is in autonomous mode, providing a (sometimes much needed) break from the pressures of the road.

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