Game On to help Cancer F*** Off

Game On to help Cancer F*** Off



This December, Cure Cancer are calling on Aussie streamers, content creators and gamers to help them raise $100,000 in the ongoing search for an end to a disease which takes the life of an Australian every 12 minutes.


From the 1st to the 25th, streamers and content creators who have signed up via Tiltify can dedicate their streams to “Game On Cancer” in the hopes of reaching the $100k goal, with each dollar raised also giving participating streamers and donors the chance to win prizes from a range of corporate partners including Bethesda, Xbox, PAX, Humble Bundle, and Good Games. These prizes include exclusive merchandise, games and the innate feeling of good that comes from selflessly helping the 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women who will be diagnosed with some form of Cancer in Australia before they reach the age of 75.

Having raised over $81.3 million dollars since its inception, Cure Cancer is dedicated to providing funds primarily for early career Cancer researchers, who often struggle to secure the capital necessary for their work when competing against their more experienced peers. Reaching the $100k target will fund a single full-time Cancer researcher for a year.


Australian streamer PandaTV provided a sneak-preview of what the Game On Cancer Holiday Spectacular will hold, checking out the upcoming Magic the Gathering: Crimson Vow and showering generous viewers with prizes. Alongside PandaTV, previous Game On Cancer charity streams have been hosted by Loserfruit, Drewdog and Aussie Antics, with Back Pocket signing on as Ambassadors for this years campaign.

Helping out is simple – following Cure Cancer on Twitter or joining the Discord is the easiest place to start and doesn’t cost a thing. The next step is to sign up to host a stream yourself or ask your favourite streamers to get involved. Finally, if you’re in the position to, open those wallets and make it rain. Or drizzle – whatever you can spare.

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