Seagate FireCuda King Of Wakanda Gaming 2TB HDD Review – Light Up Your Life

Seagate FireCuda King Of Wakanda Gaming 2TB HDD Review - Light Up Your Life

In the gaming world, we’ve well and truly entered a world of Solid State Drives (SSD), and so when a standard external hard drive rolls along it’s pretty hard to get excited. Clearly Seagate senses this because in recent months and years they’ve been putting in the hard yards to extract the very best possible from the lesser storage solution on the technical side, but also, have been partnering up with some of the biggest brands in the world, to give their hardware some additional personality. With thanks to Seagate, I was sent the “Seagate FireCuda King Of Wakanda Gaming HDD 2TB” and I must say that while it’s no SSD, it’s certainly a wonderful piece of kit indeed.

I certainly don’t need to explain the workings of an external HDD to anyone reading this piece, it’s the typical USB 3.2 Gen 1 bus-powered fare here, but everything swings into gear instantaneously – even plugging into my incredibly low-level, work-issued laptop saw the HDD get recognised immediately. Compatibility with your favourite consoles (save for Nintendo Switch, because, well, Nintendo) is a breeze as well. The consoles instantly played nice with the HDD and flicking save games, or even whole titles, on or off the HDD can be done with ease. While of course paling in comparison to what an SSD can do, I was happy with the approximately 130MB/s reading and writing speeds that ensured that even the largest jobs I could throw at the HDD were still handled relatively quickly.

If you’re picking up an external HDD from this new Seagate line, it’s not for the read/write speeds, because admittedly, that is pretty much the standard, you’re getting one, over its competitors for the aesthetics, and in that respect, you’ll be happy with what Seagate is offering. While I had the powerful T’Challa emblazoned across the top of the device, Seagate have produced a wide range of HDDs that are branded with many of your favourite franchises, from an even wider range of Marvel characters, from Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Ghost-Spider, further additions to the Black Panther range including Black Panther himself, Shuri and Okoye, as well as other partnerships with Star Wars, Xbox’s Halo collaboration, and PlayStation’s partnering with Horizon Forbidden West, God Of War Ragnarok, and The Last Of Us Part II. RGB lighting is embedded within each device as well, allowing you to add your own bit of personalised flair to the unit as well, and if you pair the out of box offering with Razer’s Synapse software and you can customise the lighting even further.

If you’re in the market for a new portable HDD, whether for that simple, easy to detach, but still largely left alone unit, or one that you take with you on the go all the time for regular back-ups or travel, you can’t go wrong with the Seagate FireCuda King Of Wakanda Gaming 2TB HDD, or any other themed HDDs within the line-up. It won’t be reinventing your data storage situation, but it certainly makes it look a whole lot cooler.

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