Player 2’s 21 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024: #21-#17

Player 2's 21 Most Anticipated Games Of 2024: #21-#17

You may have recently seen that we enlisted a range of our writers the task of determining their ten most anticipated games of 2024. That gave us a lot of data to comb through, and some clear front runners. We did some work with that data and compiled this, the top 21 most anticipated games of 2024 according to the P2 writing team. 

How it worked: Each writer had to come up with their games, ranked from 10 (least) to 1 (most) in terms of their anticipation for the title. For this, a selection at 1 was worth 10 points, while a selection at 10 was worth one point (and so on). This allowed us to rank the games based on their overall score compiled from each writer’s rankings.

So with that said, let’s get into the list; starting today with positions #21 to #17

#21 - 1 Point Each

Mina The Hollower

I’ve tossed and turned a lot over what game would fit in this tenth spot, so a massive shoutout must go to Obsidian’s Avowed, and Rabbit & Bear’s Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, but it is the much anticipated return of Yacht Club Games with Mina The Hollower that takes the cake. The thing that I love about this game is that we see plenty of indie titles that are inspired by games of a certain era, but Mina The Hollower genuinely looks and feels like a game that is of the GBC era. The team is ultra talented, and the game looks exceptional. I’m ready!

Paul James

Broken Sword: Parzival's Stone

I’m honestly a bit nervous about this one, and if it falls on its face then I will mentally swap in the 4K remaster of the 1996 original, I guess. In fact, this is a big part of this, the sixth Broken Sword game’s problem – that first game was damn close to perfect, and the things that held it back were one dumb goat puzzle and a bunch of asset quality stuff that can be fixed with a bit of digital sandpaper.

Still, Broken Sword 5 ended up being maybe my second favourite game in the series, so while I have my reservations of how Revolution’s touted ‘super 2D’ looked in that initial trailer, it’s hard for me to not be at least a little bit excited that this game at least exists. If nothing else, I can’t wait to hang out with these characters again.

Tim Henderson


I’m probably cheating just a little with this one – because Earthion’s being primarily developed for a vintage console (the Mega Drive), and not a modern one. Even though it’s going to appear on those too.

Anyway, Earthion is a new shmup, and one for which the excitement comes mainly from its presentation. At least based on what has been shown publicly so far. From the amount of chaos being displayed on screen, to the thrilling soundtrack which drives everything. Though that’s no surprise coming from Yuzo Koshiro.

A lot of shooters tend to push way hard into the bullet hell territory – no doubt helped by the fewer restrictions imposed by modern PC and console hardware, so I guess having the hardware limits in place makes for something a little fairer in terms of challenge. Which just adds to the excitement for me.

Rob Caporetto

Tekken 8

Tekken holds a special place in my heart. Tekken 3 was pretty much my first experience with a Playstation and boy did I play the hell out of it. As a result, I have always had a soft spot for the franchise and with the cool single-player modes that Tekken 8 is sporting, it may be the game that gets me right back into the franchise. 

Matt Hewson

Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days

When I received an email about Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days I assumed it was just another zombie game. It’s main point of difference to every other zombie game was that it was a side scroller. That kind of caught my attention, as well as the description that it would focus on the mental toll being in a zombie apocalypse would give to characters. Intrigued, I showed up at their booth at Pax, unsure of what I would get. When the developer explained that the game was more like This War of Mine: Zombies Edition, I was all in. Let’s go. I ended up spending thirty minutes at the booth playing through two of the levels. The emphasis is to go into the level with a goal to complete. It seems like a simple concept, but it was a breath of fresh air for an otherwise stale genre. I just need to make sure don’t kill my character next time I play. 

Renee O’Flynn

Mario Vs Donkey Kong

Call me a bad gamer, but I’d honestly never heard anything about this game until its remake was announced at the Nintendo Direct a few months back. I never came across the original despite owning a Game Boy Advance and being an avid Nintendo fan at the time it was released, but hey! That just means I’m all the more excited to get the chance to play it now. It looks like exactly the kind of puzzle-platformer that will be my jam, and I’m excited to play it in co-op alongside a friend. It’s looking to be another good year for Mario games! 

Jess Zammit

#20 - 2 Points

Skull & Bones

Yes, this game still exists. Yes, this game is going to be released. And surprisingly it is looking alright according to our own Matt Hewson. After playing through a closed beta, Matt found that it is shaping up to be a solid game that takes the fan-favourite ship combat from Assassins Creed and upgrades it into a solid gameplay loop. Will it be a complete success? Who knows but it is looking good.

Shaun Nicholls

Clock Tower

I didn’t actually know this existed until I started this list but I saw this name, checked the news and knew I had to add it. This is the first time Clock Tower is coming to the West and I love me some Clock Tower. Hopefully this means we’ll see more of this franchise in the future. I sure hope so.

Jason Hawkins

Contra: Operation Galuga

Yes, it’s another follow-up to a long-forgotten series. But Contra is one of those which really shaped the run & gun action game, and though its most recent attempt was shall we say… not so good, from what’s been shown of Operation Galuga, I think there’s a chance it might actually be a return to form.

One factor which struck my interest is that it’s being handled by Wayforward, who’ve previously done a Contra game (Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS) alongside being known for lots of great 2D action games.

So that’s one thing.

The other is that it looks like it understands that spark which makes a Contra game.. well, a Contra game. Fast paced action, loads of weapons and some tricky platforming. If the pace keeps up through the whole game, I reckon it’ll be one which will not only be a great throwback, but a great one to enjoy in co-op mode too.

Rob Caporetto

Alone In The Dark

It’s Jodie Comer (who I will follow to the ends of the earth), and David Harbour (who is also fine) in a horror-murder-mystery – what’s not to love? I know it’s had a bit of a rocky journey, but I have the utmost respect for the devs for being transparent about their process, and for taking all the time they need to make sure this game is done right. 

Jess Zammit

#19 - 3 Points

Jet Set Radio

There is an alternate version of this list where this one sits towards – if not at – the top of the list. As such, if you’re expecting me to be thoroughly mathematical and not at all fickle in what I’ve picked and how I’ve ranked it, then… I’m sorry?

There were only ever two core Jet Set Radio games, and both oozed a vibe that hasn’t really been recaptured since. Except for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which came out last year… and I guess kind of represents a love letter stealing the thunder from the addressee? There’s also the fact that this is one of five new Sega projects, and questions remain over just how new it will be. Or indeed when it’ll actually come out. 2025 is totally likely. Nonetheless, it’s new Jet Set and I really, really want to play it!

Tim Henderson

Persona 3: Reload

Don’t get me wrong, I’m miffed that they’re not including all the Persona 3 content, but Atlus are a company that lives by the old design of “Release a good game, touch it up and sell an extended version later”. I don’t like ti but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t fall for it consistently. I’ve played Persona 3 twice, once as FES and once portable. Third time’s the charm. And likely so will the inevitable fourth time.

Jason Hawkins

Pacific Drive

I’ve always had this craving for a driving game which wasn’t just locked to a racing circuit, or to the underground streets. Pacific Drive might not necessarily be that game for me, but its setup, in which you’re trying to escape something by driving through the forest kind of piques my interest.

The basic concept seems solid enough – getting your car prepared and tweaked for whatever lies ahead, which I’m sure will lead to lots of thinking about the unknown which lies ahead. I don’t necessarily claim to be a fan of the spooky stuff (I’m a bit too easily startled these days), but really, I think the driving and the vibe is what puts Pacific Drive on my list for the sake of curiosity!

Rob Caporetto

Diets And Deities

Another Aussie indie on my list, Diets and Deities caught my attention because it was a rhythm game with a story mode. I enjoy rhythm games but find I have trouble keeping engaged if there’s no story or nothing to work towards. I’m very middling with rhythm games so I often play up to the point that I’m decent and then stop. Having a story to complete will encourage me to keep playing. Even more so when the games story is about a loss of culture and includes foreign music and food to learn about. Games are a great way to experience these things that I may not be able to come across otherwise. Really, it’s a fusion of three of my favourite things, food, music and narrative.

Renee O’Flynn

#18 - 4 Points


As a big Level-5 fan in general, I’m always interested to see what they’ve got in the works. We now know that there’s another Layton game on the way, but to tide us over is Decapolice – a game set to provide me with the deduction and mystery fix I need. Let’s solve some crime!

Jess Zammit

World Of Goo 2

The second magazine feature I ever got paid for was a piece on the then-emerging indie scene for Hyper back around the middle of 2006. It’s wild to think how niche that seemed at the time now, but it landed me a chance to review a bunch of indie games for a small handful of years afterwards, and of those original generation experiences, World of Goo still stands tall as an absolute standout.

I had let this clever little puzzler with a sublime difficulty (and, somehow, atmospheric) curve become categorized as just a cool little moment in time… but it’s coming back! It has been a long time between drinks. To the point that a person barely old enough to comprehend and play the original can now probably share in the beer. I have no shame in getting my own pint, too.

Tim Henderson

Tavern Keeper

If only that bookcase was a bit taller. I will find myself having these thoughts in games like House flipper and in FFXIV’s housing. I wish I could make this cupboard smaller, or that one bigger so it fits. These games will lead to making compromises because you are using items given to you. Tavern keeper changes this by allowing players to adjust everything in the game. The tablecloth is too short? Just lengthen it. Bookcase too short? Just add an extra shelf. It’s a ridiculous level of customisation and I am here for it. There is apparently a story mode and the whole running a tavern part of the game as well. I think the idea is to make your tavern the best in the country of something. I was far too focused on the amount of customisation that was possible. Luckily, there’s a free play mode for nutcases like me who want to just make the perfect tavern and nothing more. 

Renee O’Flynn

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

How can I still be hyped for this one you ask? Well, the first game is honestly one of the best PC RPGs ever and it was one of the games that absorbed my early 20s. I know the game has had one hell of a run with switching devs and multiple delays, but recent information suggests things are back on track and I just have to believe they will nail it. The setting is just too cool for anything else. 

Matt Hewson

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring took the world by storm when it was released, introducing people to the brutal gameplay of a souls-like but allowing the freedom for players to spend time boosting their levels and exploring other areas if they find they are in over their heads. It is the first of these types of games that I have managed to finish free and clear and the expansion will give many people a reason to venture back into the Lands Between.

Shaun Nicholls

#17 - 5 Points

Lightyear Frontier

Seems like every farming simulation-esque game needs combat nowadays, and this is no different. Armed with a mech suit and a dream on an alien planet, you seek to set up a homestead, farm crops and raise critters. It’s been a while since I played a futuristic farming simulation, so this gets number 6 on the list.

Jason Hawkins

The Drifter

I never really played text adventure games as a kid. I wasn’t even aware of their existence. I like reading, so it should be something that’s right up my ally, but I never really felt the need to take the plunge. I ended up playing the demo of The Drifter for my Pax preview series and I was enthralled. The story was captivating and somehow the pixellated art worked perfectly with it, giving the whole thing an atmosphere that isn’t possible in any other medium. The drifter follows a man who is riding a train car back to his hometown because one of his parents had passed on and he needed to be there for the funeral. However, everything gets weird as soon as he arrives. Based on what I played in the demo, The Drifter won Pax’s Indie showcase for a reason. 

Renee O’Flynn

Stay tuned tomorrow for the game’s that were ranked #16-#12

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