Dragon’s Dogma II | Hype Check

Dragon's Dogma II | Hype Check

With Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma II now only a few days away, we wanted to touch base with some of our team to see how they’re feeling about the game. We’ve seen a range of media up to this point, from gameplay showcases and trailers, we’ve seen the press releases, and heard the talk, but how are we feeling? That’s where we’re bringing Hype Check into the mix; to get a gauge on what the prospective players are thinking. So here’s how we’re feeling about Dragon’s Dogma II.

Paul James

Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Paul

I bounced off of the original Dragon’s Dogma pretty quickly, but I think that was mostly a case of a good game coming at me at the wrong time in my life. 2012-13 was a pretty volatile time in my life, let alone the fact that I hadn’t yet fallen in love with the likes of Monster Hunter either, a game which Dragon’s Dogma leans upon for some of its mechanics. In 2024 though it is a very different story in all respects, so I’m watching this one closely. I don’t think that I’ll be Day 1, but I’ll be hoping for positive buzz, and if that’s the case, watch me come running in to join the fun.

Dragon's Dogma II

Tim Henderson

The original Dragon’s Dogma was a point of fascination for me, and for a while it looked like something that might sell me on the type of fantasy setting that I usually find kind of dull. That didn’t quite happen, but the game was nonetheless interesting, if perhaps not refined enough. A good decade of quality-of-life learning later and I suspect that Capcom may have something legitimately special up its sleeve this time. And as of right now, there are few companies I have quite this much confidence in.

Dragon's Dogma II 2
Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Tim

Matt Hewson

Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Matt

I am in much the same boat as others on this list in that Dragon’s Dogma seemed to be a great game that just didn’t click with me. I think, in my case at least, that it was a vague game with a UI that felt like a lot of work. If they can fix those issues (and from all reports, they have) this could be an absolute banger. It has been a while since I have had a meaty new RPG to dive into and this could well be it. 

Dragon's Dogma II 3

Jason Hawkins

Screw the haters and the naysayers. There’s no game like Dragon’s Dogma. I’ve played the first game all the way through maybe 10-15 times and I own it about 8 times. I played through the first one again a few months ago and old design aside, it holds up. Pump this into my veins, I need more more more.  This will be the thing that stops all other games for me. Here’s to hoping it’s the breakout hit the first should have been.

Dragon's Dogma II 4
Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Jason

Stephen Del Prado

Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Stephen

Heck yes – more Dragon’s Dogma! From the moment I downloaded the 360 demo a day early via a US account to the most recent port of Dark Arisen on the Switch, Dragon’s Dogma has been a game I’ve loved despite its very rough edges. Much like Morrowind it has a gritty feel, lived in and hostile which isn’t easy to find outside of Soulslikes these days. I’m 100% keen to see what Capcom can do with the franchise two generations on!

Dragon's Dogma II 5

Jess Zammit

Dragon’s Dogma is just one of those games I never played, not because I didn’t want to or because I wasn’t interested, it just never happened. It wasn’t on my radar until long after it came out, and at that point, it was too far down the backlog list to get a look in. Maybe I’ll check out the remake on PS5 now that that exists, and then you can ask me again about the second one.  

Dragon's Dogma II 6
Dragon's Dogma II Hype Check Jess

How are you feeling about the rapidly impending launch of Dragon’s Dogma II? Let us know on our various social channels!

Time Until Launch (March 22, 2024)


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