Lorcana reveals Shimmering Skies

Lorcana reveals fifth wave, Shimmering Skies

The upcoming fifth wave of Lorcana has had its title, Shimmering Skies, revealed over the weekend alongside the above Story Trailer outlining some of the characters and locations this particular set will focus on. 

Front and centre in the spotlight is Wreck It Ralph, with a huge roster of characters including Ralph and Vanellope represented here along with many of the side characters and antagonist King Candy/Turbo. 

Many returning characters from previous sets are in new forms with adjusted stats and abilities to boot. Scheduled to release on August 9th, this will be the first wave of Lorcana content Australia will receive day and date with other territories like the US. We had the official release of Rise of the Floodborn  this past Saturday 15th June, with Wave Three (Into the Inklands) and Wave Four (Ursula’s Return) scheduled for June 29th and July 13th respectively.

Lorcana Shimmering

As with previous waves, Shimmering Skies brings two new Starter Decks in the form of an Amethyst/Ruby and Emerald/Steel deck, an interesting choice given the current meta has two of the top rated decks built around these combinations. However, these products are often planned months, if not years in advance, so it might be a case of the players catching up to the designers in terms of strong Ink combinations. 


Shimmering Starters

Those interested in more Shimmering Skies information can check out the official Lorcana website section and preview some of the cards in the official Lorcana app on Android and iOS

Lorcana is currently available to purchase at EB Games, Zing, Kmart and many toy and game stores. Player 2 was kindly provided with a Lumineers Welcome Set including two starter decks and 12 booster packs by Disney Australia and New Zealand.

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