Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD | Hype Check

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD | Hype Check

With Nintendo’s Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD now only a few days away, we wanted to touch base with some of our team to see how they’re feeling about the game. We’ve seen a range of media up to this point, from gameplay showcases and trailers, we’ve seen the press releases, and heard the talk, but how are we feeling? That’s where we’re bringing Hype Check into the mix; to get a gauge on what the prospective players are thinking. So here’s how we’re feeling about Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.

Stephen del Prado

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Hype Check Stephen

My boys have loved Luigi’s Mansion 3 since release, begging for more having finished the game (with quite a lot of help from yours truly, it’s not one of the easiest titles Nintendo have released). More Luigi’s Mansion can only be a good thing in their eyes, and if being a parent has taught me one thing, it’s that being a joy vampire feeding off the excitement of your children is one of the best ways to get through the many, many other trying times. So Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is hotly anticipated in the del Prado household, especially if it gets my 7 year old to pick up the vacuum cleaner once in a while!


Rob Caporetto

I’ve not really taken the opportunity to delve into the (mis)adventures of Mario’s taller, less confident brother, so it feels like hopping into Luigi’s second adventure without having played the first might be a bit unwise. I feel like I need to sit down with that before I consider giving this one a play!

So I’m curious about it, but I guess I need to prioritise the first game first.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Hype Check Rob

Tim Henderson

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Hype Check Tim

I joke that I’m one of the ten people who had a Gamecube as my primary console for a couple of years. While obviously exaggeration, this was a generation where Nintendo played a distinct third fiddle (okay, it and the XBox were pretty close overall, but you wouldn’t know it if you lived where I did). MY library was fairly extensive… but I never had – or even played – Luigi’s.

I haven’t played its immediate 3DS sequel, either… or even Luigi’s Mansion 3, that last one being a Switch original. I really want to play Luigi’s Mansion 3, though – it’s a time and proritising and remembering thing. Luigi’s Mansion 2, though? Maybe, but it feels pretty cynical on Nintendo’s end that this is just the second game, and not a pack of the first two, which would scratch a lot more curiosity.


Renee O’flynn

I have Luigi’s mansion 2 on my 3DS. If I remember correctly, I never finished it. It wasn’t a bad game, I think there were just other things out at the same time and I ended up moving onto the next thing. I probably wouldn’t mind playing it again, but considering I still have my 3DS and a copy of the game, I can probably just play that again instead of re-buying it.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Hype Check Renee

How are you feeling about the rapidly impending launch of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD!? Let us know on our various social channels!

Time Until Launch (June 27, 2024)


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