A Humble Galaxy Far Far Away

The always cool Humble Bundle just got a little cooler. Everyone’s favourite galaxy far far away is being represented and there are some great games on offer, 12 to be exact. These aren’t the ordinary movie tie games from the pre-equal era either they are bonafide classics that every Star Wars fan should have in their collection.

The set includes both Force Unleashed games, both Knights of the Old Republic games, The entire Dark Forces/Jedi Knight franchise, Jedi Starfighter, Republic Commando, Empire at War and Battlefront 2. All of this can be had for as little as $13 US. No one could argue that this deal isn’t a whole lot of lightsabre for your money.

As always purchasers can select where their money goes, to the developers, to Humble themselves or to a charity which in this case is the Star Wars: Force for Change charity recently started by J J Abrams. This deal wont last forever though so head over to Humble Bundle and grab your copy now!

* If you would like to win a copy of this awesome bundle simply head over to our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter. You will find instructions there as to how you can grab this awesome collection 


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