A Descent into Nostalgia

A Descent into Nostalgia

Space is so hot right now. With Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen being the flavour of the moment it is no surprise that a few developers are looking at past space faring adventures and seeing if a rebirth is possible. The latest game to jump on both the nostalgia and space combat bandwagons is a reboot of the FPS/Spaceship classic Descent.

Titled Descent: Underground, this project promises to bring back the claustrophobic ship based combat of the original and update it with multiplayer, ship upgrades and of course a flashy graphical face lift. The original and its sequel were both cracking games that also had the tendency to invoke motion sickness in gamers everywhere. Hopefully this is something the devs look at if they plan to include VR support with Underground.

If this sounds like something you can get behind why not support their Kickstarter Campaign and splash a few dollars down to ensure you get your chance at reliving the Descent glory days. With the development team only asking for $600000 there is a good chance of this one being successful.

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