Getting Twitchy – Traid Gun The Pre Sequel

Getting Twitchy – Traid Gun The Pre Sequel

This week’s Twitch stream choices are quite varied.

First up we have Triad Wars, the online only (sort-of) sequel to Sleeping Dogs. We had a look at this last week and it holds a lot of promise.


Second we have Borderlands – The Pre Sequel. This is the Xbox One version which is apart of the Handsome collection. If this one wins we would love some of our viewers to join in the fun!


Finally we have the semi classic western shooter Gun. Pretty much the only non Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero game ever released by Neversoft, Gun has been forgotten thanks to Read Dead Redemption. Luckily we are going to remind you about it!


So pick a game you would like to see us play, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below and then join in at 9pm AEST Wedsneday to join the fun on our Twitch Channel. 

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