Fallout 4 Is Real

Fallout 4 Is Real

After much speculation, teasing, taunting and out and out trolling Bethesda has finally confirmed Fallout 4. After a 24 hour countdown Bethesda said welcome home to millions of Fallout fans eagerly waiting for the next game and showed the world the first glimpses of their highly anticipated Post Apocalyptic RPG.

In a strange move for most of these sorts of reveals Bethesda has been quite generous with the first trailer showing multiple in game locations, some backstory and what seems to be the principle vault for the game, Vault 111. The game also looks like it will include a canine companion for your journey. It also confirms the game will be set in the Commonwealth which is basically the Boston area after nuclear war. At this point in time the confirmed systems are Xbox One, PS4 and PC. No word on 360 or PS3 getting a version

The full reveal is coming to E3 at the Bethesda conference and we will update with any news as it occurs!



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