Go for Pro – Dead or EVO

Go for Pro – Dead or EVO

Dead or Alive Festival – Australian Qualifiers

For those attending Oz Comic-Con this Saturday – 28th of June and fancy yourself fairly handy at Dead or Alive, then you may want to try your hand at the Australian qualifiers event for the Dead or Alive Festival event that’s being held in Tokyo Japan – August 1st.

I can happily say that it’s great to hear more and more events like this are being held in Australia all the time, which is no doubt a direct result of the popularity of eSports and the FGC scene. I, and many other Aussies, welcome this trend!

EVO is coming!

No news here, just a heads up. EVO 2015 is less than one month away. Held on July 17th – 19th in Las Vegas this years EVO is shaping up to be the biggest and most exciting one yet.

Expect every competitor to bring their ‘A’ game and for all the hidden strategies to come out on show.

Dead or Alive at Oz Comicon!
Dead or Alive at Oz Comicon!

South East Asia Major – 2015

You might be forgiven for over looking Mago. Yet he’s been a veteran of the SF4 scene and always in the corner of the more well known competitors, Daigo and Tokido. And yet this past weekend he dominated an incredibly stacked tournament at the South East Asia Major.

How stacked are we talking here? One where G.Y.R.O, Poongko, Gackt and Bonchan didn’t even make the top 15! The day was filled with a lot of surprises and a lot of players are really starting to show their diversity and new strategies. From a personal perspective, I haven’t seen a Yun – Genie Jin since the 3rd Strike days, and who better to pull it off than the Yun master himself, Kazunoko on EVO 2013 champion Xian!

It would also appear that Yang is a very viable character now and if that’s anything that players from SEAM 2015 can take away, it’s that they better start learning that match up right now! Especially with EVO 2015 being so close!

It’s impossible to pick who will be the favourite to take out EVO or Capcom Cup this year. The top 20 players are all so hideously close, it’s going to come down to some clutch moves, a bit of luck and who’s simply playing better on the day!

For full results, go check them out on Event Hubs here: 

Or for short highlights, here:

Still the king of eSports fighting
Still the king of eSports fighting

Adam Rorke


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