News Bites – E3 2015 Special 1

All the E3 2015 news wrapped up in small easy to chew pieces. Welcome to this special E3 edition of News Bites.

News Bites – E3 2015 Special 1

–  No Man’s Sky was announced at the PC gaming show to be coming to both PS4 and PC. This is great news for all the PC players looking at the jaw dropping trailers in envy. Still no release date but that bit of info is supposed to be coming soon.

– Blizzard have announced a free 3 mission Starcraft pack that will bridge the gap between Heart of the Storm and Legacy of the Void. The missions will focus on the fan favourite character Zeratul. Sounds like a smart way to build hype for a game that has perhaps fallen of players radar.


– Pillars of Eternity developers Obsidian have revealed the first expansion for their isometric old school rpg. Titled The White March it will add a significant chunk of gameplay to an already massive game. No word on release yet but apparently it isn’t far away.

– Tony Hawk has reveled the release date for his latest virtual jaunt on twitter. The Skater revealed that it will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on the 29th of September this year. The game is apparently a return to the glory days of the Pro Skater franchise but I remain skeptical on that claim. Prove me wrong Tony, please prove me wrong.


– In other PC related news, Gears of War: Remastered will be coming to PC at the same time as Xbox One. The game has been developed with PC support in mind and will support full 4K resolutions.


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