Enter the Dungeon League

Enter the Dungeon League

Most indie titles are impressive feats. Small teams of hard workers pouring blood, sweat and tears into their title. Imagine however that this small team was just one man and that one man managed to put together a title that is both unique and familiar at the same time. Well that is exactly the case with Dungeon League.

Dungeon League is the brainchild of Achebit, a one man show from Sydney and is a fast paced multiplayer dungeon crawler that allows for local and online play. Games are 10 minute bursts of mage on ranger on warrior action as each player looks to one up their oponents in this chaotic arena. The game will also feature Co-op and Survival modes as well for those not looking to damage friendships.

Dungeon League is being published by Aussie outfit Surprise Attack and they are releasing a big slice of the game onto Steam Early Access in about a day’s time so make sure that you give it some consideration if you feel the need to crawl some dungeons with your friends. Stay tuned to Player2 for more info on Dungeon League as it becomes available.


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