News Bites – Thursday the 13th of August

So much news to share in so little time. That is where the Player2 News Bites comes in. All the hot topics in small easy to chew pieces.

News Bites – Thursday the 13th of August

– TruBlu and Big Ant Studios released the first full trailer for Rugby League Live 3 today. The trailer shows a much improved graphical engine on the last entry in the franchise (but it still has some ways to go) and some of the new animations for tackles. It looks a little rough but I am prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt after Don Bradman Cricket.

– Capcom have just announced that a remake of Resident Evil 2 is coming. Bowing to fan pressure after a survey was overwhelmingly in favour of a HD Remake, Capcom have simply stated its coming but have given no further info. This surely now makes the Resident Evil franchise the most remade series in gaming history.


– Even though Larian Studios are busy putting the final touches on their Divinity: Original Sin console port they have begun to think about what’s next for their talented developers. Once again they are turning to Kickstarter to fund their next project which funnily enough is Divinity: Original Sin 2. Before the campaign starts however fans can head over to their website and help decide what the backer rewards should be. A nice way to include the people that are responsible for their success in the process.


– Sony have introduced a little bit of choice into the Playstation Plus program. Sony gamers will be able to occasionally vote on a selection of games for inclusion in the PS+ free games. The first vote includes the Australian developed Armello, Ubisoft’s quirky Grow Home and a four player hack em up Zombie Vikings. For more info head to the Vote to Play website. 

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