Go for Pro – PAXAU and SoCal unite.

Go for Pro – PAXAU and SoCal unite. 

ESL line up – PAX AUS 2015

Who likes Rocket League? OK well the better question is, who has played it and doesn’t like it? Well if you fall into that special group of people called ‘everyone’ who answered yes and you’re heading to PAX AUS at the end of this month, then you’ll definitely want to watch or even compete at the Rocket League Cup.

Format is a standard 2v2 Single Elimination and there’s a bunch of giveaways and prizes to be won on the day, for more details and registration go here: http://esl.gg/PAX_AUS_RL and sign up!

I mentioned in my last write up that the OCE Smite Championships will also be at PAX this year. Things kick off on Friday afternoon with the semi-finals an finish up on Saturday with the top four teams splitting up a $65,000 prize pool! During the day there will be free play and giveaways, it’s going to be two days of eSporty (shush, this is totally a word) goodness! More details can be found here: http://bit.ly/1OAMgVV

And finally, Halo 5 will be making an appearance on the Sunday, with Team Immunity and Team Exile 5 competing against each other and the community. So if you fancy yourself a bit of a whiz at Halo, what better chance will you get to see just how good you actually are.

There will be Team and Free for all tournaments run on the day and like the previous two games, giveaways will be there as well.

Every new announcement and event just keeps pushing Australia up that eSports ladder, it’s only going to grow from here everyone, lets go!

Go for Pro - PAXAU and SoCal unite.

SoCal So GOOD!

In case you missed it, SoCal 2015 happened last weekend, with a nicely stacked tournament, the day held a bunch of surprises and continues to reaffirm this writers belief that on any given day, anyone in the top 32 in USF4 can beat the other.

As with any tournament like this, the day held many great moments. You could almost taste the salt when LPN took out Strider801 that completely left him shaking his head. Momochi did stole defeat from the jaws of victory when making an astonishing come back against Dieminions Guile, when he dropped a fairly standard combo with E. Ryu. And SnakeEyes getting completely overwhelmed against a feisty El Fuerte in the hands of Nando.

But as always, when it came to the finals, the biggest hype moments were had, with Bonchan’s Sagat going up against Kazunoko’s Yun. Kazunoko looked really dangerous by resetting the bracket and clearly had Bonchan flustered. But in true professionalism, Bonchan kept his head and defeated the rush down specialist and thus taking out the tournament.

In case you’re not sure where to go watch these wonderful matches, I’ve done the hard work for you:

Top 5 Hype Moments 

Losers Brackets Finals 


That’s not all that was amazing on the day, Capcom know their fans and brought out the very latest build of SFV and ran a quick single elimination tournament between some big names!

This was nice to see these top competitors just lay back and have a friendly whilst still checking out just where exactly this game is currently at. And Capcom were nice enough to put the entire tournament up for your viewing pleasure: 

Go for Pro - PAXAU and SoCal unite.

And that’s about it for now, see you all next time!

Adam Rorke

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