Developing the Solus Project

Developing the Solus Project

The Solus Project immediately turned heads when it was unveiled at the Microsoft games conference in LA last year. The graphic style and unique premise caught many an eye and more than a few people have been eagerly awaiting more news ever since. Well there is now some good news. The developers Grip Games have released a Dev Diary on Youtube so everyone can see what is going into making this unique game.


The Solus Project  is a first-person survival adventure game, set on a deserted alien planet. Unlike most other survival games, The Solus Project is not a sandbox game with an open world, but rather more linear single-player experience, with survival elements and ten large and complex environments to explore. It is hoped this unique take on the survival genre will stand the game in good stead with both genre fans and newcomers alike.


Having a story is a big part and apparently the gist of it is that you crash-landed on an alien planet and every other member of your crew is dead. While exploring the barren surroundings you find out that you are not the first intelligent being to set foot here. Mankind is on the verge of extinction and you were supposed to be the last hope to find a safe haven to set up a colony. A very interesting premise that is for sure.

The Solus Project will be playable via Early Access on both Steam and Xbox One in Early February and is certainly a game to keep an eye on.

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