Nioh PS4 Alpha Demo sees very limited release

Nioh PS4 Alpha Demo sees very limited release

Publisher KOEI TECMO have announced that Nioh, the upcoming “Samurai-centric, dark fantasy Action-RPG” from famed developer Team Ninja, will receive a timed Alpha Demo release this month.

Coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4, the Alpha Demo will go live on Tuesday the 26th of April and be pulled from the store on Thursday the 5th of May. During this 10 day period, anybody with a PlayStation 4 will be able to download and play through the Alpha Demo. However, once the demo is pulled from the store it will also be rendered unplayable to those who have downloaded it, so it will be best to play through it sooner rather than later.

Nioh has been garnering comparisons to the Soul’s series in recent years despite being in early development for a few years prior to the release of Demon’s Souls in 2009. It makes sense to release an Alpha Demo hot on the heels of the release of Dark Souls 3 in order to generate more interest in the title before it is launched later this year, with KOEI TECMO also providing an online survey for those who play through the Alpha.

To top this off, an exclusive DLC titled ‘The Mark of the Conqueror’ which will “allow players to download exclusive in-game content” for the final release will be given to everyone who plays through the demo. Hats off to KOEI TECMO in an era where demos are rarely provided and this kind of DLC is usually tied up with retailer specific pre-orders.

Nioh PS4 Alpha Demo sees very limited release

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