Phantasmal creeps into full release.

Phantasmal creeps into full release. 

Phantasmal: City of Darkness, a procedurally generated survival horror game from the NZ based indie studio is finally primed to leave Early Access and hit Steam’s virtual shelves as a full release on April 14th. You’ll be tasked if evading and escaping from dark and monstrous creatures that occupy the run down Kowloon Walled City before it was destroyed in the 1990s. You’ll soon find that you’re not only fighting these horrific creatures but also tackling your own fading state of mind. As insanity takes hold you’ll be forced to scavenge for resources, use light sources sparingly, and utilise stealth to distract and elude foes, but if you’re caught don’t expect to survive for long. The game combines powerful sound and lighting effects to send chills down the player’s spine. Take a moment to check out the launch trailer for the game below.

Phantasmal isn’t at all for those lacking in the courage department, but don’t let the horrors within scare you away from this immersive first person horror experience. Buckle in, slide that headset on tightly around your ears and you’ll soon have your hands on Phantasmal: City of Darkness when the game releases on Steam on April 14th.

We did a preview on Phantasmal quite a while ago which you can read here, but be aware that the game has come along way since that point in time.

Paul James

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