Killer Instinct Season 3 – Early Impressions

Killer Instinct Season 3 – Early Impressions

PC, Xbox One

The original Killer Instinct (KI) was one of those games that developed a very special  and passionate following back in the days of the Super Nintendo and when arcades were still a thing. With a focus on over the top combos that were easy to understand and learn, it won over gamers all over the world and was herald a major success. Then, sadly, after its sequel, the series disappeared like your dodgy mate when it’s his shout. Fast forward to the launch of the XBOX ONE and Microsoft proudly announced the KI revival in all its multi-hitting, hype-tastic glory!

We’re now at year three and to keep KI alive and relevant the developers at Iron Galaxy have split this up into multiple seasons, each bring a slather of new characters and changes that drastically alter the game from its previous incarnation. Season 3 itself has also, finally, launched on the PC, a feature that the community has been begging for, for quite some time now.

Killer Instinct Season 3 - Early Impressions

So what exactly can we expect so far from this new update? To start with, you’ll notice that there are currently five new characters added to the roster with three more slots before the season is considered completed. What’s quite amazing is how the developers are adding new dynamics and abilities to these new faces that break the mould of previous ones. For example, Arbiter (yes from Halo) will have grenades and bullets at his disposal. However the grenades slowly regenerate over time and once you use all your ammo up for your gun, you don’t get any more. We’ve seen how well this works in high-level play at various tournaments thus far and it makes him a unique character that feels anything but a cookie cutter version of a previously released fighter.

 Killer Instinct Season 3 - Early Impressions

And this is merely the start. The PC cross-play works flawlessly and whatever you’ve bought on one system is available for you on the other, a feature that is sadly missing from the Street Fighter V release earlier this year. Like the previous season, all other characters have been given various fixes and new tools. What’s most noticeable though is that instead of nerfing current cast, Iron Galaxy seem to prefer buffing everyone else to still make them relevant, the end result, of course, is a game that continues to get more insane and exciting with each new release!

There are simply not enough words to mention all the alterations of course, but within minutes of playing, players will notice many additions. From the blackout enders and flip outs, to combo breakers that no longer cause a hard knockdown on your opponent. This isn’t merely a new coat paint, this feels like an entirely new game! Expect a full review once we get the final three characters later this year.

Killer Instinct Season 3 - Early Impressions

Adam Rorke

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