Take to the Skies with Riders of Icarus

Take to the Skies with Riders of Icarus

Need a new MMO in your life? Well, perhaps Riders of Icarus might be for you. Nexon America and WeMade recently revealed that Riders of Icarus is scheduled to go into Open Beta on July 6th.

The trailer, which you will see below and accompanies the announcement, shows flying mount combat, gives you the ability to tame hundreds of different beasts, from ground-dwelling bears to deadly fire-breathing dragons. If you’re interested in getting in on the high flying action, then you’ve currently got the ability to purchase one of three different versions of the “Founders Pack” which grants seven days of early access to the beta as well as numerous in-game benefits, depending on which version of the pack you choose to purchase.

Take to the Skies with Riders of Icarus

Each of the three version includes exclusive mounts, skins, titles and more that will assist you to become a legendary rider. Details for each of the three packs are as follows:

  • Elite Riders’ Pack: Begin the ride of your life with the Elite Riders Pack and receive an exclusive mount, early access, a special title and more. $24.99 (value $41.70)
  • Heroic Riders’ Pack: Forge your destiny with everything from the Elite Riders Pack, plus an additional exclusive mount, 30 days of Premium Service and much more. $42.99 (value $105.86)
  • Legendary Riders’ Pack: Become a Legend with nearly everything from the Heroic Riders pack, plus two additional exclusive mounts, 24 inventory slots, 30 additional days of Premium Service (for a total of 60), and much more. $89.99 (value $252.75)

Take to the Skies with Riders of Icarus

If you’re looking for further information on Riders of Icarus then be sure to visit www.ridersoficarus.com and look out for more on the game as July 6th approaches. You can pick up the game through the Nexon Launcher or Steam.

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