Getting Twitchy – Lucasarts Flashback

Getting Twitchy – Lucasarts Flashback

With the host of Star Wars news coming from festivities in the USA as well as rumours of more Indiana Jones movies, I have been feeling nostalgic for the classic Lucasarts games of old. The once great company folded a few years ago after a constant stream of garbage but before that downhill slide, they were one of the most reliable game companies out there.

So tonight I thought I would celebrate the legacy of Lucasarts by streaming one of my personal favourites from their back catalogue. The choices are:

1: Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Getting Twitchy - Lucasarts Flashback

2: X-wing: Alliance

Getting Twitchy - Lucasarts Flashback

3 The Force Unleashed

Getting Twitchy - Lucasarts Flashback

So let us know what I should play at 9pm AEST tonight on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments. As always the game with the highest number of votes is the winner.

The full YouTube video will also be available shortly after the show so if you miss it fret not!


The Force Unleashed was the winner and the full stream is below!

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