The Weekly Wrap – 21st of November 2016

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, a collection of all the articles that graced Player 2 during the past week. Catch up the easy way. 

The Weekly Wrap – 21st of November 2016

The Player 2 crew were a busy bunch this week past with a mountain of great content hitting the site. The highlight of the week was clearly Sarah’s moving tale of how her geek wedding dreams came true. Joining Sarah this week we had the last of Ken’s PAX audio interviews, a chat with John Kane, a look at some of the PS VR launch titles and our editor Matt had a look at this year’s crop of shooters and how they brought the love for the all the single players out there.

All this along with the usual dose news and videos. So catch up with everything below and get ready for another big week from Player 2.


Queerly Represent Me: The Upgrade
EVE Valkyrie
Patched 9 - Patched Updates
Interview: John Kane - Mallow Drops
Hustle Kings - VR
Interview: John O'Reilly - Element
PAX Australia - The Hardware
Geek Wedding
NBA 2K Joins with Fitbit
HMAS Perth joins World of Warships

The Art of the Singleplayer Shooter
Technical Mistakes from Gaming's Past


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